The theft of the Rwigara Business

The regime of Rwanda Patriotic Front, led by Paul Kagame, and was financed in its hour of need to get to power, by the Rwigara family business.

Has shamelessly snatched away the very business- Premier Tobacco Company, in a sham public auction. The sham auction was very illegal and did not meet the required legal agreement between seller and buyer.

Anne Rwigara

The revenue authority fraudulently sold the stock of Premier Tobacco Company owned by Rwigara’s family to another tobacco company for around 500 million Rwandan francs ($577,842.29) and said it was recovering unpaid back taxes.

The law breaking revenue authority’s director general Richard Tusabe pathetically said that” the auction was legal and not politically motivated. There are more assets to be sold. We need to sell more to recover government funds. The key is to recover government funds”.

A young helplessly woman-Anne Rwigara, representative of  the business-Premier Tobacco Company, and Diane Rwigara’s sister -said the auction and the charges of incitement and forgery aim to punish the family because Diane Rwigara challenged Paul Kagame and to deter other potential opponents.

She also said the company’s stock is worth about 1 billion francs. This year the family filed a court case saying the revenue authority illegally seized company assets.

“This is banditry in a country of so called rule of law. Since the 1980s our father worked hard to get this factory. Over 35 years of hard work and now in three hours you take it away,” Anne Rwigara told a court bailiff and tax body officials.

It was very sickening to see the regime of Paul Kagame openly stage managing a bogus public auction, to steal a business that made him what he is today, and also employs thousands of Rwandans-not mentioning the taxes it has generated in the construction of Rwanda.

The Rwanda People Salvation Movement, strongly deplores the thuggery of the Rwanda revenue authority. With the backdrop of the seizure of the company, on bogus excuses and the illegal stopping of its daily operations- We consider the Auction Null and Void.



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